Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer cooking

Made Moroccan food, Kefta Tajin thinking about Ramadan time we had in Morocco last summer. That was a quite experience. I really glad we were there around that time because it was great opportunity to understand their culture. We miss the food there and mint tea... My Kefta Tajin has cauliflower, sweet red pepper, chickpeas, and shiitake mushroom, too. Ramadan in this year starts tomorrow, 20th.

Summer food equal tomatoes and peaches for us. We get them weekly at Farmer's market. This is a flat bread pizza which has two kinds of heirloom tomatoes, sauteed green onions, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The yellow tomato was sweet and very juicy. Good dish for summer lunch. 夏といえばトマトと桃のカリフォルニア。毎週ファーマーズマーケットで新鮮なものを買ってきます。これはフラットブレッドにトマトソース、2種類のトマト、焦がしたネギ、モツァレラチーズをのせて焼きました。黄色のトマトが甘くてジューシーでおいしかった。夏のランチにはぴったり。

Japanese dinner. BBQ pork ramen noodle, grilled eggplant+Bonita flake, cold Tofu with natto+okra sauce. Okra is another summer vegetable I love. I also like the smokey flavor of grilled eggplants. Summer treat! 和食の日にはチャーシューラーメン、焼きなすとおかか、納豆とオクラソースを冷奴にかけたもの。オクラも大好きな夏野菜。焼きなすの燻製のような香りも大好き。夏万歳!

Our herb garden is doing great and basil is growing like crazy! I made basil pesto and froze them. So it will be convenient when I want to use them such as....for squid pasta with basil pesto.

We love yellow peaches. I think they have richer taste than white ones. I made a peach crostata and....黄桃が大好きな私達。白桃より濃い味がするような気がする。作ったのはピーチクロスタータと…

peach turnovers and meat turnovers with leftover dough. Cannot tell which is which, huh? The ones with X marks are meat ones. ピーチターンオーバーとそれのお肉版。どっちがどっちかわからないでしょ。Xの切り目があるのがミートパイです。

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