Monday, December 01, 2008

Mulled Apple Cider

Since I really liked the hot mulled apple cider I had in NY, I made some using the mulling spice my friend gave me two Christmas ago. (No, it didn't go bad) After simmering the spice in the apple cider for 20 minutes and drunk in my favorite Heidi of Alps cup with a cinnamon stick. It made me warm and told me Christmas is coming!
Made a lot of it so I made pork loin with apple cider sauce. Ohhhhh it was good. I liked the sweetness of the sauce which went very well with the pork. The side dish, green beans and walnut saute was crispy and good, too. たくさん作ったのでそれを使ってポークロインのアップルサイダーソースがけを夕食に。甘いソースが豚肉にとても合っておいしい!付け合せのサヤインゲンとくるみのソテーもカリカリしてておいしかったです。
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