Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ready for Christmas

Look at our Christmas tree! Big and fat and so pretty!!!

................................well,.........I lied.

No, it is not so big actually. We tried new setting this year. Put it on the corner table so that our cats cannot get it either.

The tree is small enough to fit in my car. Isn't it kind of cute? Bring a tree home IN the car. We couldn't do this if it was 7 feet tree. Steven called this California Christmas because his home town, Philadelphia is freezing cold in December. We wouldn't drive with a top off of the convertible there. 小さな木は私の車にちょうど乗りましたよ。ちょっとかわいくない?車のに乗せての木のお持ち帰り。これが2メートルもある木だったらこんなことはできませんぜ、お客さん。Stevenはこれをカリフォルニアクリスマスと呼んでいました。彼の故郷のPhiladelphiaは12月にこんなに暖かくならないからコンバーティブルの屋根を開けて走るなんてことは到底できません。そんなことしたら家に着く頃にはみんな凍っています。

See, easy to carry, too. 運ぶのも簡単だしね。

I love this holiday season and add other Christmas decoration.

I made a door wreath with the leaves and pine cones we picked in a park. First, I put the leaves between the magazine pages and flat them overnight. Then stained and dry them for a day. Finally on the third day, put them on the base with pine cones, ribbon and silver fruits on vine.

Tada!! Looks nice, huh?

I also made a small one for my best friend. Hope this fits in her gorgeous home in San Francisco.

These snowflakes are papers. It was easy to cut them out using the patterns in this site.
We never gets snow so have some paper ones instead :)

Steven got a mistletoe so I hung it on the door.

We went to San Francisco Ballet, Nutcracker! It was a part of my Christmas present from Steven. Oh, it was so beautiful and Christmasy! Now my mind is filled with Christmas feeling and I am so set for Christmas. Thank you, honey!

After the ballet, we had dinner with Sumiko at Antica Trattoria. My chicken with mushroom and Madeira sauce was wonderful but the white truffle on Fettucini we shared was out of this world!! The lady shredded extra truffle on the dish so we all enjoyed the aroma and taste of it.
バレエの後はすみ子さんとAntica Trattoriaで夕ご飯。私のマッシュルームとマデラ酒ソースのチキンもすごくおいしかったけど、みんなでシェアした白トリュフがけのフェットチーニは素晴らしいおいしさ。お店の人が余分に白トリュフをパスタの上でそいでくれたのでみんなその芳香と味を楽しめました。
Antica Trattoria
2400 Polk Street,
San Francisco
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