Friday, December 05, 2008

Mushroom Casserole & Cable purse

We loved this Mushroom Casserole! This is from my favorite vegetarian cooking blog here. It has sour cream and cottage cheese so it is hearty and cheesy.
This recipe is using brown rice but I used Trader Joe's "17 Bean and Barley Soup kit" instead so it is has more fiber and fun having different textures.
レシピではブラウンライスを使ってますが、私はTrader Joe'sの「17種類の豆と穀類スープキット」を使ったので繊維もたっぷりで、色々な種類の感触を楽しめました。

I loved the texture of mushroom when I chewed on them. The top was golden & crispy and warm (well, it was rather HOT and burned my tongue )and moist inside.

Today's craft:I finished a cable purse. It is warm and soft buy can't be used in Summer though.本日の手芸:縄もようのバッグ。暖かくてやわらかいけど夏には使えないなあ。

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