Saturday, December 20, 2008

Asian food

I am trying to make Western dishes and Asian dishes alternately to keep my cooking in balance. These are the Asian part of this week.

Chinese buns and pot stickers. I am very proud of myself to make these buns. I have never baked bread so it was first time for me to use active yeast but it worked! The stuffing was pork, bamboo shoot, green onion, and Shiitake mushroom. Yum!

Thai silver noodle dish and spicy pumpkin coconut soup. The soup was easy to make and tasty. Fry microwaved pumpkin with red curry paste, add chicken broth. Smooth it with a hand blender and add coconut milk and done! これはタイ料理で、春雨と野菜の炒め物とスパイシーなかぼちゃとココナツミルクのスープ。簡単に作れておいしいスープでした。電子レンジでやわらかくしたかぼちゃをレッドカレーペーストでいためたものに、チキンブロスを加え、ハンドブレンダーでなめらかにします。そこにココナツミルクをいれてできあがり!

Korean Kimchi hot pot. Hot pot is great in a cold winter day. It warm you up and the room also gets warm! At the end, we cooked udon noodle with egg in this soup. Ohhhhh it was great.

Wait a minute! No Japanese food this week? I'd better work on that next week as a Japanese. :)
ちょっと待った! 今週は和食がなかったのね?来週は作らないと。日本人としてお恥ずかしい。