Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brazilian/Italian Nights

I try to cook varieties when I cook dinner. Sometime I cook from cook books. Other time I try making the dishes we had in the countries we visited.

Brazilian night:Brazilian night starts from playing Bosanoba. I usually play Antonio Carlos Jobin or Astrud Gilberto. I sing a long with them and chop ingridents and pour some dende oil (Palm oil). The dish below is seafood stew, Moqueca. Cod, shrimp, oysters, tomatoes, mushroom and peppers were cooked in coconutmilk for a half an hour. I also baked cheese balls, pao de quejo. I used this box.
Mmmm, love Brazilian food.

ブラジルナイト:ブラジルナイトはボサノバをかけるところから始まります。大体Antonio Carlos Jobin とか Astrud Gilbertoとか。鼻歌を歌いながら材料を刻んだりデンデオイルを注いだりします。下の写真はムケカというブラジルのシーフード。たら、海老、牡蠣、トマト、きのこ、ピーマンなどをココナツミルクで30分ほど煮てできあがり。チーズブレッドのパンディケージョも焼きましたよ。といってもこれを使ったのだけれど。あぁ、ブラジル料理大好き。


Italian Night: When I make pasta dishes, I sometime play Opera like Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck. Well, no pasta this time so I play something else like Coldplay. No relaionship to Italy.:) :)

Appetizer is cucumber+cheese prosciutto. I like this one from Paloma because it is not too salty.
Green pea soup with cheese crisp. I even made the crisp. The green looks pretty in my Wisteria bowl.


Main dish is pan fried halibut with Canelloni bean sauce. White on white doesn't look appetite but tasted very good.

So what should I cook tomorrow? Moroccan, Greek, Thai, German or Japanese?