Saturday, May 04, 2013

Baby Shower

We went to a baby shower on our street. I made strawberry trees and tea sandwiches. Steven made a base of the trees. I placed banana leaves and strawberry leaves on the tray, then put saran wrapped cones. After that, I pinned strawberries/black berries with tooth picks and insert some mint leaves between the berries.

Looks nice, isn't it? The berries were sweet and juicy, too!

Made egg salad and zucchini+sun dried tomato+cheese sandwiches so that vegetarians can eat. I placed some pansies from our yard in my favorite little vase in the center.


40 people got together for the baby shower. Colorful setting. Our neighbors are so sweet. The preparation can tell how much they care about the family. It was amazing. I am sure the baby will love this neighborhood.

We played dirty diaper game. I put seven brands of chocolate on diapers and melted them with a hair dryer. Yesterday night was hot and they didn't become solid so I put them in the fridge. Yep, I had dirty diapers in our fridge for an hour. Tha object of the game is finding out what brand the chocolates are. So funny to watch people sniffing diapers. :)


There are lot of cuties at the party and it was all-you-can-hold environment! Love babies.