Sunday, October 06, 2013

San Jose Rock 'n' Roll 2013 Half Marathon

It was my 4th SJ Rock 'n' Roll race and I made my personal record. I finished 2 minutes earlier than last week. What did I do different this year? 1.I ate good amount of food before the race (I usualy eat only one banana). I usually don't have energy to run faster at the end but this time my pace in the last mile was faster than the one in 12 mile. 2. I ran with a GPS watch. Well, I love my Nike Sports watch because it is sleek and cute but it is not accurate at all. This time I checked my GPS watch and was able to adjust my pace.

今年も San Jose Rock 'n' Roll のハーフマラソンを走ってきました。4回目の参加で自己記録を出しました。去年より2分速かったのだけど何が違ったのでしょう。1.レースの前にちゃんと食べた(おうどん半分とみたらし団子一本)。いつもはバナナ一本で過ごすのでいつもは最後の方で力が出ない。今回は最後の13マイル目は12マイル目より速く走れたの。食べるのは大事です。2.GPSウォッチで走った。今まで使っていたNikeのSports band はおしゃれで細くていいけれどデータが正確ではないんだもの。今回はGPSウォッチでペースを見て調整しながら走れました。

I went to After Run party with my running mates. It is always nice to have somebody support and share the moment.

And always thank you to Steven who waited for me on the street near our house and my friends and coaches who cheered me virtually.
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