Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beaujolais Nouveau 2013

Beaujolais Nouveau Day. The third Thursday in November. I have already known this is not a popular event in US but I can get it in Wholefoods. Yes, I have learned that all the Wholefoods stores have the wine IN THEIR BACKROOM. I have funny stories every year and you can see my last 5 years' stories here.

Now this year, one of my friends and I went to Wholefoods. We looked at the sales floor but we didn't see any so I asked one guy at the floor.

Me:"Do you have Beaujolais Nouveau?"
The guy:"I think so....let's it is."
Me:"Umm...that is regular Beaujolais. We want "Nouveau". New wine."
The guy:"Hmmmm..." (He is looking at the regular piles.)
Me:"You cannot sell it till today so if you didn't take them out today. I think they are still in the back."
The guy:"How do you know we don't sell till today?!"
Me:"It is the rule."
The guy:"??????"
Me:"Can you please check the back room?"
The guy:"OK! How do you spell it again?"
Me:(pointing to Beaujolais bottle) "this Beaujolais and Nouveau."
The guy:"Will be right back."

and he came back with three bottles and asked "How many do you want?"
Thank you, thank you, and thank you. He was very helpful and nice. I may have been a weird Asian woman talking about French wine. Sorry I didn't mean to be mean (or snobby) and we just wanted the wine.

The taste of the wine? It was very good. Young, fruity and easy to drink.Thank you, the Wholefoods guy! :)

ボジョレーヌーボー解禁日。11月の第3木曜日。アメリカでこれが人気イベントでないことはよーくわかっております。でもWholefoods(スーパーマーケット)に行けばあるということもわかっていた。どのWholefoodsにもあるのよ。ストックルームにね。毎年この日はおもしろい話があるのですが、過去5年分の面白い話はここ です。


私:"Beaujolais Nouveauありますか?"
お兄さん:"えーっとぉ..." (通常の売り場を見ている。)
お兄さん:"OK! そのつづりをもう一回教えて。"
私:(Beaujolaisのボトルを指差して、) "この Beaujolais と N-o-u-v-e-a-u."