Thursday, February 02, 2012

Special visitors

When I got home this evening, two cuties ran toward me and asked me if they could visit me. I said YES of course because they are so cute. Well they are from next door neighbors so I took them to their house and get their Mom's permission first. Back to my house, they were checking things in the house, petting the cats, dancing on the floor but finally they settled down watching "Wallace and Gromit" which is the only kid's movie we have.
夕方ウチに帰ってきたらお隣の可愛い二人が走ってきて、ウチに遊びにきてもいいかと聞いてくる。とても可愛いんだもの、もちろんNoといえるわけがない。ふたりはこっそり家を抜けてきた様子なので2人を連れて彼らのママに許可をとりにいく。うちに戻り家の中の色々なものを見たり、走りったり、ねこをなでたり、踊ったりしてやっと落ちついた先はTVの前。うちにある唯一の子供が見られる映画、「Wallace and Gromit」を見る。

We talked about their schools and ate chocolate a little bit. I offered some dried apricot but it didn't get their attentions. :) These two angels and I have a same birthday. Miss.G said "Because you and I are sisters!" Ohhhh cute! You can stay as long as you want, sweetie!

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