Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A lot of roses on Valentine's day

I got roses on Valentine's Day! Steven was in London but he sent me these pretty roses and chocolates. How lucky I am! He called me a day before and said "Don't go running tomorrow morning because something is coming." I was happy to wait for SOMETHING. I usually run around 7am and I didn't think IT comes that early but I didn't go out just in case. 8am, 9am, and afternoon was almost gone. The door bell rang at 4:30pm. I know it is THE busiest day for flower shops but isn't it a little too late? Well, it is not Steven's fault or anything and I shouldn't complain because I got such beautiful flowers. On top of that, there is a box of chocolate! What am I saying?

Gorgeous flower close up. Aren't they the prettiest? The color of it was amazing. Dark red and velvety. I adored them and kept looking at them.

I loved them too much and I decided to make potpourri after I enjoyed the flowers for a week.

By the way, isn't my camera great? It captures all the details.

It takes pictures like an SLR camera does. See the glass is focused and other things behind it are not. Good camera!

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