Saturday, February 04, 2012

Stecens Creek Trail Run and Aji

Spring has come but it was very cold at 7 in the morning. We are doing a strech with pink peach flowers. We ran 10- 12 miles this morning and I can tell that Spring is here because I sweat after a few miles and don't need gloves anymore.

6 of us enjoyed early spring morning (early on both "spring" and "morning" :) run at Stevens Creek trail. Fun! Good job, everybody!
この6人で早春の早朝ランを楽しみました。場所はStevens Creek Trail。楽しかった!みなさん、お疲れ様でした。

Steven and I went to Wholefoods in the afternoon and found a whole Spanish mackerel. Their eyes are clear and looked very fresh so we decided to grill it. It was a fairly big fish and looked very good on the grill. I sprinkled some salt from Okinawa.
その午後にWholefoodsにお買い物に行った時、「Spanish mackerel」と書かれた魚を見つけました。これって鯵よねえ、と見ていたら目も澄んでいて新鮮そう。外のグリルで焼くことにしました。かなり大きい魚でしたがグリルの上でとてもおいしそう。沖縄のお塩をふりかけて。

We also grilled mushroom+green onion and bakchoy. Mmmmm, it was so delicious! The fish had great charcoal aroma.

Oh, I should have put the head on the left. It is the Japanese way to place fishes on the plate. Well, Steven grilled the fish and put it on the plate. I can blame on him. :)

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