Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eating out

I ate out three times this week. Once is with Sumiko san. It was her belated birthday lunch at Italian place in Cupertino. Heard this Italian served pasta al dente. We were very excited about it. Well the past was not so bad but it was not al dente. The picture shows the dessert we shared, rhubarb short cake.

Second eat out was at Sushi Tomi on Saratoga Ave. The fish was fresh and tasty!!! We loved them but....the sushi rice was under seasoned. Needed more vinegar and sugar. I would go back to give it a try though. Steven's was extra-special Chirashi sushi. He wanted it because it got toro and uni.
第二のランチはサラトガ通りにあるすし豊味で。お魚が新鮮でおいしい!!! 2人ともとても気に入りました。でも…すし飯がちょっと味付けが浅かったな。もっとお酢やお砂糖があってもよかったかな。それ以外は文句ないので又、行ってみるつもりです。写真はStevenの特上ちらし。うにとトロがあったから。

Extra special husband and extra special chirashi sushi. :)

Mine was special chirashi sushi because I don't like fatty fish like toro. Uni? Yeah, I like. Don't worry, I stoled some of Steven's.

Third one was sizziling dish in Milpitas but I forgot to take pictures. :( Mine had beef, an egg, and rice came on a sizziling metalic plate. The beef and egg were raw when they were served. You poured some sauce on and cook them on the metalic plate. You hear sizziling sound, smell cooked soy sauce and taste the mix of goddies so you enjoy it with three senses. Oh might feel the hot liquid jumping at you so four. :) I want to go back this place to have one with curry powder.
第3のランチはMilpitasでじゅうじゅうランチ。カメラを忘れて写真を撮れなかったの。:( 私のは牛肉と卵とご飯が熱々の鉄板の上に乗ってきました。お肉と卵は来たときには生で、自分で鉄板の上で焼くの。お醤油ベースのソースをかけながら。じゅうじゅうという音を聞いて、焦げたお醤油の匂いを嗅いで、そのおいしいを味わうから三感で楽しめる。あ、待って。たまに熱いお汁が飛んで来て、熱いって感じるので4感ね。:) 楽しかったです。今度はそれにカレー粉が乗ってるの食べたい。

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