Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hayes Street Grill

Steven had some errands to run in San Francisco in the evening so we decided to have dinner there. It was very early like 5PM! The drink above is my Gin and tonic.

The restaurant is an old school good restaurant where local people get together especially older chic people. Fine, we are old, too :) My squid salad was wonderful loved butter beans in the salad. Steven enjoyed his warm goat cheese salad.

My main dish was grilled sturgeon and it was fantastic! I think fatty fish is better when it comes to grilling. Like fatty Spanich mackrel is very good on Hibachi. I thought Steven's Yellow tail was also good but he liked mine more. A lot of seafood place tend to cook too much but not this place. They know how to cook seafood. Their dishes are very simple but they did JUST right on ours. Even French fries were great. Their Review :

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