Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cooking class for Osechi

After a nice 10 mile morning run, I went to a French cooking class to make Western Osechi for New Year's day dishes. Osechi is Japanese New Year's dishes and usually Japanese food but we sometimes make western items and pack in Ojubako (special obento box).

We cooked for 5 hours with the french chef including lunch which is OMG tasty Omelet rice. I don't have any pics for the lunch but it was ridiculously good. The chef made them for us and the eggs were soft and when we cut the surface of the omelet, it nicely fell down over the ketchup flavored rice. Chef poured a plenty of demi glace sauce he made over it and ohhhhhhhh. We were in heaven.

We made 10 kinds of food and they are nicely set in my Ojubako. Pretty!

Here is the evidence that I did attend this Osechi cooking. I am rolling stuffed chicken.
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