Monday, December 31, 2012

Progressive Dinner 2012

Our New Year's Eve is always safe and peaceful with people on Norton Ave. We did this year, too.
I made puff pastries for appetizer. Mushroom one and Ham & Cheese one. It was my first try but went well. Tasted pretty good.
大晦日はいつもNorton通りの皆さんとすごします。ことしもProgressive Dinnerをしました。私はペイストリーを作りました。マッシュルームのとハム&チーズの2種類。
Rudolf was there, too. Looks like he didn't go back to North Pole with Santa.

We started at one house for appetizer and move to another house for Soup & Salad, Main dishes, Dessert and Champaign. We started at 7pm and ended at a little past at midnight so 5 houses for 5 hour. Pretty simple.

I was wearing a shinny sweater with sequins that my mother in law gave me for Christmas present.

We took pictures in front of the hosted houses.

Well, we missed pics on two other houses but it is OK.

Happy New Year !!
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