Monday, August 23, 2010

My New Closet

My closet had white wired racks & no lights. Steven has put a temporary light on the closet door a several months ago so I had SOME lights. But Steven wanted to get me better lights. (Oh, he is so sweet!)

Started with lights, we decided to do closet makeover!! First, Steven climbed up in the attic and made two holes on the ceiling of my closet for the lights. It was dusty and dirty job and he did it! Now my closet is bright with two nice recessed lights. Then he lined the walls with cedar and it smelled wonderful. I used to have cedar mothballs in my drawers and loved the smell of them and now I have all closet walls (and ceiling) lined with cedar. Ohhhhhh...

Steven got "another" saw, a table saw to cut the cedar planks length wise. I think he is planning to open a saw museum because we have a lot of saws. I know, honey. Right tools for right jobs, right? Stevenはテーブルソーという電動のこぎりが作業台にくっついたような道具を「また」買いました。板を縦に切るためのものだって。うちにはたくさんの種類のノコギリが集まっていて...ノコギリ博物館でもするんだろうか。

Finally, he installed the furniture and my dream closet is done!!! Wow, I cannot believe that my closet has changed so dramatically. Thank you, Steven for the great closet. I feel like I am Carrie Bradshaw :) そして、最後に棚や引き出しを入れて理想のクロゼットのできあがり!すごい。こんなに変わるとは思わなかった。Steven、素晴らしいクロゼットをありがとう。何だかSex and the Cityのキャリーになった気分だわ。うふふ。

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