Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wisteria Pergola extension

Steven has started something again...Stevenがまたまた何か始めました。

He is going to extend the pergola and grow Wisteria on it so we can see our Wisteria from outside, too. 裏口の藤棚を外に伸ばして外からも藤が見えるようにするんですって。

I stained the lumbers but he did everything else. He pulled one of the wisteria vine on top and it is looks like this extension has been there for sometime. 私は木材をステインしただけで後は全てSteven氏の作品。成長した藤の枝を引っ張って上に乗せると新作の棚も前からあったように見えます。

We cannot wait for the Wisteria covers all over this.
We got a lot of peaches from Farmer's market so made a peach tart. I used almond meal for filing for the first time and I liked it! I put some fresh blueberries after I pulled it from the oven. Nice color combination. Cannot see well? Then..

Here is the close up!