Friday, August 27, 2010

What to do on a terribly hot day

This summer had been so cool and nice till a few days ago. Now we are having 100 degree weather for a few days. I thought I could use this strong sun for something.....drying veggies!

The eggplants and mushrooms were dried in a day and made a pasta dish with them. Ohhh, it was delicious! The flavor got concentrated in the veggies and gave rich flavor. I would do this again! I don't hate hot days any more. :)

This is Japanese dinner in differen day. The left top is tuna poke...the pic doesn't look appetite but it was good. The tofu with cucumber sauce looks pretty, doesn't it?こちらは別の日の和食の日。右上はマグロのヅケなのだけど色がイマイチですね。でもおいしかったのよ。お豆腐はおろしきゅうりで作ったソースをかけて。きれいでしょ。

I also made Chocolate pound cake in a not so hot day. It was little bit too sweet but good with rasberries. そう暑くない日にはチョコレートパウンドケーキも作りました。ちょっと甘すぎたけど、ラズベリーと食べるとおいしい。