Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crazy Hat Party

Our neighbors, Tom & Paul throw a Crazy Hat Party and here are our hats I made. Below is a Mad Hatter's hat from Alice in Wonderland for Steven. I wrapped an old straw hat with foam and fabric, tied with a pink fabric, and added some peacock feathers.
ご近所さんのTom&Paulがクレイジーハットパティーをしたのですが、こちらが私達の帽子。これはSteven用に不思議の国のアリスのMad Hatter(帽子屋)の帽子。古い麦わら帽子にフォームを巻きつけ、布地を貼り、ピンクのリボンと孔雀の羽をつけたらできあがり!

See, almost identical, isn't it? Almost...

What is good with Mad hatter? Alice don't have a hat so....rabbit! I needed glasses and a pocket watch to be a rabbit in Alice in Wonderland but this is for a Hat Party, not a Halloween so I saved the complete look for Halloween.
The party was FUN!! These people are creative! Down-Right is Paul's hat and it has real french fries. He said he needed to dry them to glue them together.

The little girl with a lump shade was so cute. She asked Steven and me, "Are you guys from Alice in Wonderland? Really?"このランプシェードをかぶったこの少女は本当にかわいかった。Stevenと私に「あなた達って不思議の国のアリスからきたの?本当に本当?」とマジな顔で聞いてました。

The top-left is a hat with woman's legs. It was too heavy to wear and the hat was on the table after this. 左上の帽子は女性の足がくっついているのだけど、重すぎてかぶれず、この後はテーブルの上に置きっぱなしになってました。

Big one below is a picture Teresa took. Mine doesn't look like a rabbit so added one showing my ears. 下の大きな写真はTeresaが撮ったもの。私の帽子がうさぎに見えないから耳をみせてる写真を加えました。

This guy was also wearing a hat. He was kind of quiet though. :) I brought Basil Pesto+sun dried tomato appetizer. We had a lot of fun & laugh at this party. Thank you, Tom & Paul! 庭にたたずむ無口な彼も帽子をかぶっていました。右のは私が持っていったバジルペスト+サンドライドトマトのスナック。大笑いの本当に楽しいパーティーでした。

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