Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dinners and sweet

Food we had recently...

=Walnut/Pecan Kinako Mochi
The mochi is super easy to make and delicious! I also made this plate in 2006 when the pottery studio close to our place was still in business. Here is the recipe for mochi.
1/3 cup mochiko
1/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup water
1/2 tea spoon soy sauce
1/3 cup chopped walnut or pecan (pan roasted)
some kinako to cover mochi
some Molasses for topping sauce
(Mochiko and Kinako are available at asian super market.)

1.Spread Kinako on a plate or baking sheet into about 6 inch square and set aside.
2.Put first three ingridents into a small bowl (microwave safe) and stir well.
3.Put #2 into microwave for 1 min and stir, put it back and nuke for another 1.5 mins.
4.Put soy sauce and pan-roasted chopped walnut or pecan into the bowl and stir very well.
5.Pour mochi texture onto the kinako (#1) and flat mochi with wet spoon. Pour some more kinako on the mochi to cover the surface.
6. Refrigerate it for 20 mins and cut it in small squares. Pour some molasses on it and enjoy!
(You can see some pictures for procedure here.)

=Pan fried Alaskan salmon with white kidney bean paste.
I also grilled the green pepper which I bought from a Japanese farmer from Sunnyvale's Farmer's Market. They are nice and bitter. This is the kind of greenpepper I used to have when I was a kid.

=Pan fried Tilapia with lemon sauce, potato wth basil pesto, bok choy with fresh corn, and the same green pepper.

=Kimchi Pork
For Steven who loves spicy Kimchi. He loves Korean food so much and he may turn to a Korean guy and will hold my purse when we walk outside. :) Recipe is here.

Since we have visited Korea this spring, we became Korean food fans. Our favorite restaurant is Palace BBQ Buffet close to our place. We usually don't eat meat so much but at this place, we eat A LOT because their meat is so deliciously marinated. I also love their spicy soy sauce marinated small crabs, gaejang. Oh....thinking of the crabs makes my mouth water. $25 for all you can eat!
春にソウルに行ってから私たちは韓国料理ファンになりました。お気に入りのレストランは近くのPalace BBQ Buffet。普段はあまりたくさんのお肉を食べない私たちですが、ここに行くとおいしくて大量に食べてしまいます。カルビやケジャン(生蟹のしょうゆ漬け)がおいしい。あの蟹を考えるだけで唾液が出てくる。$25の食べ放題レストランです。