Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year's day brunch 2013

Happy New Year! Wishing you a joy filled 2013.
Living in US for 15 years, one of the things I don't want to give up is this Japanese new year brunch, Osechi.

First, toast some rice cake(mochi). They are my friend's home made mochi. Looks good, doesn't it?

This is Ozoni soup. Veggies, shrimp and toasted rice cake are set in the bowl. OK, ready to pour some soup.

Ohhhh, warm and tasty. This year, I made Western Japan style soup which is miso based. This miso is so tasty and I won't tell you where I got. It is a secret. :) 今年は関西風の味噌仕立て。このお味噌がまたおいしいんですよ。どこで手に入れたかは秘密。:)


I made some appetizers.

I made them with my friends in my French Cooking class so I can't get all the credits this year's Osechi. 今年のおせちはフランス料理教室でみんなで作ったものなので、ちょっとズルした気分です。
Sake is from my sister and brother in law. Kikuhime. Very tasty.
 Wishing you a great yesr 2013.