Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mountain Winery Concert

We went to Sheryl Crow's concert at Mountain Winery. This winery is the place we got married and Steven was looking forward to seeing the venue after they remodeled. I have already seen it when I went to Earth, Wind & Fire in August. シェリルクロウのコンサートへMountain Wineryまで行ってきました。このワイナリーは私たちが結婚した場所なので思いも深く、Stevenにはリモデル後はじめて見ることになります。私は8月の終わりに美樹さんとEarth, Wind &Fireを見たときに行ったので見たけれど。

We had dinner at Bai Tong where we had a rehearsal dinner. The food there was great as usual.
コンサートの前にBai Tongという、これまた私たちのリハーサルディナー(結婚式の前の日に家族や友人とする夕食)をしたタイレストランへ行きました。ここはいつ来てもおいしいのです。

Bai Tong Thai Restaurant
14515 Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA 95070

The venue was beautifully remodeled and now has a great sound system and lights.

Sheryl Crow was great. Her voice filled this space nicely and we enjoyed the breeze, trees, stars and clean air as well.

I came here to see Earth, Wind & Fire with Miki on August 31. We got up from the seat and danced!
先月の31日には美樹さんとEarth, Wind &Fireに来たのだけどすごくよかった。席で踊ったよ。

I will go to Daryl Hall and John Oats with Cory on 27th September. Cannot wait!

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