Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recent cooking

Recent cooking...最近のお料理
1.Ossobuco  オッソブッコ 
We got Osso bucco meat from Prather Ranch Meat Company at Farmer's market. The meat fell from the bone when I touched with a fork...soft and juicy!
オッソブッコ用のお肉をファーマーズマーケットのRanch Meat Companyで見つけました。フォークでさわるだけでお肉がホロリと骨からはずれる柔らかさ。それにジューシーでおいしかった!

2.Fajita ファヒタ 
Since we loved the ossobuco we got last week, tried a skirt steak from the same store. Marinated it in beer and some herbs and spices, Steven grilled it outside and had the meat with veggies on an iron skillet I cooked in the kitchen. We rolled it with tortilla wrap with condiments. Delicious! Recipe is here.

3.Meatloaf ミートローフ
Made meatloaf with sun dried tomato wrapped with panchetta. The side dish were mashed potato and salad with grilled figs. The lunch next day was meatloaf sandwich, of course.サンドライドトマト入り、パンチェッタを巻いたミートローフを作りました。サイドディッシュはマッシュポテトと軽くグリルしたいちじくを入れたサラダ。次の日のお昼はミートローフサンドイッチでした。

4.Carbonara カルボナーラ
We got some eggs from our neighbor who has a hen in their garden so the eggs were very fresh. I made pasta carbonara with panchetta. Mmmmm it was very tasty. The salad was tomato+anchovy+red onion.

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