Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween decoration

I had wanted to do Halloween decoration for long time and now we have a place to play with! I made this witch and let her sit on the front porch. She is peddling a skeleton and holding a bloom.
Look, she is a good size witch wearing my black dress, my scarf and my boots. Yeah, she looks nice enough and needs them only by the end of this month so I decided to rent them to her. :) I also made some ghosts and tombstones by the window. 見て見て!割と大きな魔女でしょ。私のドレス、ブーツ、スカーフを着ています。魔女が割りといい人だったし、今月末まででいいっていうので快く貸してあげました。:)窓の脇にはお化けや墓石なども作りました。
I used a tree on our street for part of the decoration. Doesn't it look like coming out from the tree hallow?! We are going to put some light in the hallow at night so it will look spookier!! 道沿いにある木のほら穴も使いました。穴から出ようとしてるみたいでしょ?夜には穴の中にライトを灯してもっと怖くなりますよ。

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