Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Lawn

Steven didn't like the lawn we had and decided to replace it. He also didn't like the sprinkler system so he dug all them up and installed new systems! The white poles in the up-right pic are old sprinkler pipes. We ripped up the old lawn and it was VERY HARD because the lawn had plastic thread underneath and it was hard to rip them. 

We went to hardware shops several times and Steven built a new sprinkler system.

After we raked the yard to balance it out, we packed it down with a rental lawn roller. Steven is putting water into the lawn roller on the up-right pic.

Then we spread starter fertilizer. One of our neighbor gave it to us and lent us this spreader. They are so nice!!!

Not only that the neighbor helped us to install the sod(down-left pic)!! We used 75 rolls of sod. Looked like roll cakes or sushi rolls...anyone hungry? We laid them in a staggered pattern like laying bricks.

Wow! After a few hours, we got a nice green lawn!!! Steven studied about lawns, designed the sprinkler systems and we did it in a month total. Now we can have a backyard party!!

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