Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Captain Jack Sparrow came to our house!!
キャプテンJack Sparrowがやってきた!!

He wanted to use Internet to search liquor store for Rum so I let him use our PC. I didn't know he needs reading glasses! Captain Jack Sparrow standing next to the window decorations. キャプテンはラムを買う酒屋をインターネットで探している(左)。メガネがいるなんてね。右はキャプテンがゴーストと記念撮影してるとこ。

I dressed up like a pirate, too. Doesn't Steven look great in this costume? I made his shirt, vest and hair piece. It was so much fun to make these. 私もパイレーツのかっこをしました。Stevenのコスチュームいいでしょ?シャツ、ベスト、かつら+ターバンは私が作ったの!こういうのすごい楽しい。
Pretty close, isn't he? かなり近いでしょ?

We had around 10 groups of trick or treaters and enjoyed giving away candies and seeing their costumes. After the kids had gone, we took a walk to see our neighbor's Halloween decorations. One of them had a real casket on the porch. Later we hooked up with our friends and enjoyed blues and drinks in downtown!! What a great Halloween!
10グループほどのtrick or treaterの子供達が家にもきてお菓子をあげたりコスチュームを楽しんだり。その後はご近所のHalloweenのデコレーションを見に行きました。ある家は本物の棺おけを置いてあってびっくり。最後には友達とお出かけしてブルースとカクテルを楽しみ、盛りだくさんのHalloweenになりました。

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