Monday, January 05, 2009

The food we had recently

Since we enjoyed the visits in France in 2005 and 2007. I sometimes make French food and here is something goes well with white wine, Brandade. I didn't have salted cod so started with making one. Bobby Flay's recipe says the cod should be sit in salt for 2 days but I did for 4 days by mistake so it was a little salty. I liked my Brandade baked so put it in the oven for 15 minutes. The cod and mashed potato were creamy and smooth! 
2005年と2007年に行ったフランスでは土地のお料理がとてもよかったので思い出しながら時々フレンチも作ります。これは白ワインに合うBrandade(塩タラとジャガイモをペーストにしたもの)。塩タラがなかったのでそれをつくるところからスタート。TVで人気のBobby Flayのレシピでは2日間塩漬けにということでしたが、間違って4日も漬けていたのでちょっと塩辛かったけどクリーミーでおいしかった!

Grilled Halibut, sauteed carrot and mushroom risotto. Yeah, we like fish. We are lucky because we can get very fresh sea food at farmer's market every Saturday.

The next day I made risotto cake with the left over risotto. I put some cheese in it so when I cut it the melted cheese came out from it. Mmmmm. 次の日、残ったリゾットをおにぎりみたいにして焼いて見た。チーズを中に入れたので切った時に中からトロリと溶けたチーズが…。ああ、おいしかった。

Steven cooked cod chowder. This is healthy version so didn't have any heavy milk. Great for a cold nights. Yum! Thank you, honey!

This is also Steven's work, Dried Porcini mushroom crusted halibut. Ohhhhhh, it was tasty. The dried Porcini is in the sauce too so I was able to enjoy the aroma and taste twice. The fish was done just right! My complements to the Chef Steven!!

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