Sunday, June 29, 2008

Toronto2-Niagara Falls

Since we are in Canada, we cannot miss The Niagara Falls! First we had lunch at a very cute town called Niagara-on-the-lake. せっかくカナダに来たのだからナイアガラの滝を見なきゃね。その前にNiagara-on-the-lakeというかわいい町でランチ。

At the restaurant...

So...we had these… そういうわけでこちらをいただきました。

My mom has come to this town and she really liked it and I can see why. They have lot of flowers, cute restaurants, shops and historical buildings which give you a warm and nice atmosphere. ママが昔カナダに来たときこの町がすごく気に入っていたけれどわかります。きれいなお花や素敵なレストランやショップ、歴史の深い建物などとてもいい感じ。

After some tourist's shots....観光客用写真を撮った後…


Nature amazes us with real "Wow"s. We just looked at without words. It is the same feelings when I saw El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. 自然の「すごい」は本当にすごい。言葉もなくただ見てしまう。ヨセミテ公園のEl Capitanを見たときと同じ感覚。