Monday, June 16, 2008

Cheese cake

Made a cheese cake. I am not good at baking and Steven has been suffered from eating oh-no-uncooked-chiffon-cake, inedible-too-hard-cookies and so on. (I don't post these failures to my blog so only Steven knows how bad I am.) However, this time it went OK.
I put some brandy soaked dry cherries so has some brandy and tart flavor. Yum!

After the high calorie snack, dinner should be light....Well, we like grilled vegies. The Japanese leek is from a Japanese farmer at Sunnyvale Farmer's Market. Sweeeeet!
そんな高カロリーなおやつの日の夕飯はグリル野菜。真ん中のおねぎはSunnyvaleのFarmer's Marketに出ている日本人の農家から買ったもの。甘くておいしかった。