Thursday, March 03, 2011

Japan Trip 3 - Beppu

I really like this Japanese garden at Mom's. I grow up in this garden chasing Koi fish in the pond, smelling flowers and collecting maple leaves. I love the tiny water fall above the pond. I used to scoop water in my little bucket and played with my sisters. 実家のお庭は私のお気に入り。この庭で遊んで育ったので、懐かしさもあります。池に入って鯉を追いかけたり、お花の匂いをかいだり、もみじの葉っぱを集めたり。池の上のほうにある小さな水が落ちる場所が好きで子供の頃の私は水を小さなバケツに汲んで、妹達と遊んでいました。

Mom has several kinds of Camellia trees and they are all bloomed and pretty. ママの椿コレクションも美しく、今が満開です。

I can see some other flowers blooming and they say, "Spring has come!"