Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hina matsuri (Hina doll festival)

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Hina matsuri dinner. From left top, vinegrated daikon and carrot, spinach sesame cream, Chirashi sushi, fruit jello, warm tofu in dashi + soy sauce. Hina matsuri meal usually has clam clear soup but I forgot to buy clams so no soup tonight. It is very hard to make perfect sushi rice. The ingredients of it are only steamed rice, rice vinegar, sugar, and salt but the balance of those are critical. I gave my tonight's sushi rice 60 points (out of 100) because the rice was a little too soft and needed more vinegar.

My hina dolls are still happy on the book shelf but it is time to go back into the box, guys. People say that you are supposed to box them right after Hina doll festival which is tomorrow otherwise the girl owns the dolls cannot get married in her proper age. Well, I am already married so don't have to worry about that. On top of that, we are having rainy days for a few weeks so I want to box them when it is sunny because I don't want them to take moist into the box. 私のお雛様は本箱の上で楽しそうにしていますが、そろそろ箱に戻る時間。まあ結婚済みの私があわてる必要もないだろうし、ここ2週間降り続いてる雨を考えると湿気と一緒にしまいたくないから、晴れた日にやろうっと。
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