Sunday, March 03, 2013

Girl's Day-Hina matsuri

March 3rd is Girl's Day-Hina matsuri. My hina dolls have been out on the mantel already. I noticed my princess doll has her mouth opened. Looks like she is singing. ♪


It was cloudy but warm and the sunshine coming from the clouds sometimes was nice. Spring has come. My Christmas roses(Hellebore) are about blooming. I cannot wait to see them because they are my favorite flowers.

Plum flowers are also bloomed.

Peach flowers are cute, too.

Star Magnolias in the frony yard are gorgeous!

Our peach & plum are getting along on the same tree. We are hoping more fruits this year.

Steven in the new jeans. He lost about 20 lb by running almpost everyday on treadmill and he needed smaller size!! Good job, honey. You look goooood. :)
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