Friday, January 04, 2013

Dinners we had recently

 Dinner we had recently.

Dungeness crab:The crab fishermen on Half moon Bay were on strike for a long time and we missed a crab party we had planned with our friends. Now it ended and the fishermen went back to water. I wanted to go to Half moon Bay but the weather is not so cooperating with our 1hour drive to there. I decided to go to a local store to get one. Well, it was expensive but better than none.
ダンジネスクラブ: Half moon Bayの蟹漁師さん達が長い間ストライキをしていたので、予定していた友人との蟹パーティーもできないでいました。やっとストも終わったのだけどこの日は雨も降っていて1時間のドライブで行くのはねえ。ということで近所のお店で買いました。ちょっと高かったけど、ないよりいいです。
We had it with hamachi sashimi. Yeah, sea food fiesta! The crab meat is so sweet and very dense. Loved it! The yellow thing in the small cup is crab butter which Steven learned to eat recently. Now I need to share with him. :)
Halibut with mango salsa: Steven requested Halibut for dinner so a good wife (me) had run to Wholefoods to get the fish. I used to go to Race Street Fish Market on the way home. (It is amazing the store was on the path of my 5 minute commute!) However the store have closed! Now I need to drive to Wholefoods in Campbell. Now it takes 10 mins each way so 20 minutes+shopping time and go home instead of 5 minutes+shopping. Bummer! I even searched the fish market but no luck. I really missed the market :(
Halibut(カレイ科の大きい魚)のマンゴサルサで:StevenからHalibutを夕食にというリクエストを頂戴して、いい妻(私ね)はWholefoodsまでいそいでお魚をゲットしに。いつもは帰り道にあるRace Street Fish Marketにいくのですが(このお店はオフィスから家までの5分通勤路にあるんです。)何と、このお店最近閉まってしまったの!おかげでCampbellにあるWholefoodsまで片道10分かけてお魚を買いに行かねばならず。往復20分+お買い物時間がかかる。前までは5分+お買い物時間だったのに。友人と私で近くのお魚屋さんをウェブサーチしたのですが、実りなし。あのお店便利だったのにな。:( 
Side dish is steamed broccoli & sun dried tomatoes.

The salad was baby Romain+Blue cheese+walnut+pear+dried cranberries.
If you don't like dried fruit/vegetable. You wouldn't want to come to my dinner tonight. :)

Pot roast: This is my neighbors slow cooker. I don't own one. We wanted to eat some comfort food in a winter day so I borrowed this slow cooker from Cheryl. (Thank you, Cheryl!) I just used Trader Joe's Cabernet Beef Pot Roast which is already marinated in wine and spice. I added some vegetables, poured some water and white wine and closed with the lid and left it for 4 hours.
ポットロースト:この電気のスロウクッカーはご近所のさんの。私は持っていないのです。寒い冬の日に何か暖かくてたっぷりしたものをいただきたかったのでCherylにこれを借りて作ってみました。Trader Joe'sの赤ワインとスパイスに漬けたポットローストを使用。お野菜と白ワイン/お水を加えて蓋をするだけ。4時間後にはできあがり。

My Irish man insisted having this dish with mashed potato so I made that, too.
It was OK meat. I could have done better than this.
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