Sunday, January 22, 2012

We almost got it, 49ers!!

So it was a big deal for Bay Area people. We were all hiked up. Our streets, towns, groups...everybody was so excited to see this game. 49ers are baaaaack!
そう、ベイエリアに住んでいる人達には大変なことだったんですよ。アメフトのSan Francisco 49ersが今日、勝てばSuperbowlに行くってんですから。街をあげての、大騒ぎ。みんなが期待していました。あの49ersが帰ってきた!って。

As usual, I jumped on the band wagon and got a Tshirt at Target. There was only a big size so I needed to trim sleeves, width and length. Cute, isn't it? Steven has an old Tshirt (Yes, he is not a band wagon hopper unlike me.) His Tshirt has embroide "San Francisco" letters. Nice.
私はいつもどおり、うまく行ってる時だけのにわかファンなので、あわててTargetに行ってシャツを買ってきました。大きいメンズサイズしかなかったので、袖、脇、丈をツメて女の子サイズに。かわいいでしょ。Stevenはワタシとちがってにわかファンではないので、ちゃんと昔のTシャツがあります。刺繍でSan Franciscoと書いてあってナイス。

Well, let me explain...I have been their fan since 80's when Montana was playing. I even had his autograph saying "Dear Mikako". Did you notice that I said "I HAD" ? Yeah, you can easily guess I lost it when I moved. :( Anyway, I used to have team shirt and all but I was not so faithful fan because they had been sucked. (sorry, guys but true) Last month, my dentist told me I had to pay attention to the team because they were doing very well this season. He supposed to say I need to pay attention to my teeth but no, his concern was 49ers.
でもね、説明させていただければ私はMontanaが活躍してた80年代からのファンでもあるわけです。なんとDear Mikakoと書いた彼のサインまで持っていたという。「持っていた」というのはタイポではなく、事実。だってお引越しの時になくしちゃったんだもーん。昔はチームシャツとかも持っていたのですがその後あまりにひどいのでファンもやめてました。(ごめんね、49ers.でもホントにひどかったでしょ。)先月、歯医者の先生から「だめだよ、もっと注意してみてないと。かなりいい感じなんだから。」と言われて気づく始末。彼も「歯に気をつけなさい。」と言う前に、アメフトのチームを気にかけろというのだからね。うふふ。

We even got a football field shape cup cake (and I ate it by myself.). The game snack were Guacamole with cumin seeds, goat cheese+sun dried tomato paste on baguette and smoked almond. We also drunk Sake and I drunk orange juice+vodka.

I don't want to mention about the game today but keep talking about the food we had :) We decided to have burgers for dinner. I made my own Teriyaki burger like the one in Mos burger. Delish! The game was delish as well at this point.

Oh, well. We couldn't go to Superbowl but considering they had been at the bottom for long time, we can say "They are back!" Looking forward next season. Go go, 49ers!!

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