Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Breakfast on Steven's days off

Steven has been off this week so we are weekend mode everyday. We usually have a brunch on weekend so we have been brunching (?!) everyday this week. Yesterday, we had scramble egg on English muffin. We sprinkled Truffle salt which Sumiko gave us. Ohhh, it was soooooo gooooood! Thank you, Sumiko san!! The orange fruit on the plate is very riped persimmon.


Now, today was different. We had a Japanese brunch! We were very lucky that we got some home made mochi from our friend. I made natto mochi with grated daikon. Ohhhhh, this was heaven!! Thank you Nakano san!

Now we have six mochi left. We need to save five for New Year's soup so I could have one when Steven is not looking....Yeah, he is focused on the book he is reading in the living room now. Now is the time!! :)

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