Sunday, April 06, 2008

Seoul, Korea 3

Mom and my sister, Ryoko joined us in Seoul!! Steven, Ryoko, Maruyama san (Steven'ts co-worker), and Mom at the hotel lobby. We went to...

ママと妹の涼子がソウルに来てくれました!左からSteven, 涼子、丸山さん(Stevenと同じ会社の方)そしてママ。ホテルのロビーで。向かった先は…

world heritage, Changdeokgung. Mom, Ryoko, Maruyama san, Sascha, Steven and me make 4.5 Japanese and 1 American and 0.5 German(Sascha Goto is Japanese/German) so we took a guided Japanese tour :)

We had a great time in this tour. Beautiful buildings and gardens. Very colorful, too.

Yes, it was Sakura season in Seoul, too!

Lunch time!! お昼ごはん!

Mom and Steven waiting for Ryoko and me to finish shopping....
Went to a Samgetang restaurant for dinner. Samgetang is a whole chicken stew with Korean herb and Jinseng. So tasty!! Had Chijimi which is green onion pancake. Yummy!夕食はサムゲタン専門店へ。鶏が丸ごと朝鮮人参やハーブで煮込んであってとってもおいしい!ねぎ焼きのようなチジミと一緒にいただきました。