Friday, April 04, 2008

Seoul, Korea 2

Visited National Museum of Korea. Wow, this is the most organaized museum in the world!!! I have a hard time to keep tracking the route in the museum. (Well, not only in the museum...anywhere really.) I have no sense of directions and I usually go to museums by myself while Steven is working so I get lost all the time. I was very comfortable walking in this museum because all the areas has numbers and the route you need to take is always cleary shown so I just need to follow. Their collections are great of course.

Also went to Leeum Samsung Museum of Art.
Leeum サムソン美術館にも行きました。

Not only their collections but their buildings are very impressive.

A big bouqet was waiting for me in the hotel room!!

Steven rembered the day we met for the first time and sent this to me. So sweet!!!! It was a surprise, too!!
Stevenが初めて会った日を覚えていてくれてお花を贈ってくれたの。超やさしい! それもサプライズ。

We had octopus spicy fried rice for dinner. スパイシーたこ焼き飯がディナー。Me, Steven and Sascha. Sascha doesn't like Kimchi so he is having a hard time here.

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