Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home cooking!

Since we have been away from home more than 1 month so we missed home cooking.
I love cooking and Steven likes my cooking, too so we have home cooking when we can. 一ヶ月以上も外食生活が続いたのでおうちごはんが恋しかった私たち。お料理好きだしStevenも私の料理が好きみたいなので旅行していないときはなるべくおうちごはん。

Jamaican oxtail stew -- cooked for 3 hours so meat were soooo tender.

French toast with strawberries and pecan nuts...summer is coming. The strawberries were sweet! フレンチトースト。ピカンナッツをかけてイチゴと一緒に。夏が近づきイチゴが甘くなってきました。

Soy sauce marinated tuna sushi, tofu+veggies, and grilled eggplants.

Home made spinach gnocchi + tomato sauce and octopus carpaccio.